S. Shahrin

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The research in this paper makes explicit why existing measures for response quality evaluation is not suitable for the ever-evolving field of question answering and following that, a short-term solution for evaluating response quality of heterogeneous systems is put forward. To demonstrate the challenges in evaluating systems of different nature, this(More)
Malware is a type of malicious program that replicate from host machine and propagate through network. It has been considered as one type of computer attack and intrusion that can do a variety of malicious activity on a computer. This paper addresses the current trend of malware detection techniques and identifies the significant criteria in each technique(More)
Internet has played a vital role in this modern world, the possibilities and opportunities offered are limitless. Despite all the hype, Internet services are liable to intrusion attack that could tamper the confidentiality and integrity of important information. An attack started with gathering the information of the attack target, this gathering of(More)
Currently the digital multimedia data can easily be copied. Digital image watermarking is an alternative approach to authentication and copyright protection of digital image content. An alternative embedding watermark based on human eye properties can be used to effectively hide the watermark image. This paper introduces the embedding watermark scheme along(More)
—The traditional worms such as Blaster, Code Red, Slammer and Sasser, are still infecting vulnerable machines on the internet. They will remain as significant threats due to their fast spreading nature on the internet. Various traditional worms attack pattern has been analyzed from various logs at different OSI layers such as victim logs, attacker logs and(More)
—The number of crime committed based on the malware intrusion is never ending as the number of malware variants is growing tremendously and the usage of internet is expanding globally. Malicious codes easily obtained and use as one of weapon to gain their objective illegally. Hence, in this research, diverse logs from different OSI layer are explored to(More)
—The number of malware variants is growing tremendously and the study of malware attacks on the Internet is still a demanding research domain. In this research, various logs from different OSI layer are explore to identify the traces leave on the attacker and victim logs, and the attack worm trace pattern are establish in order to reveal true attacker or(More)