S Shackleford

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the safety and effectiveness of low molecular weight heparin (LMWH) in preventing deep venous thrombosis (DVT) in high-risk trauma patients, compared with mechanical methods of prophylaxis. DESIGN A prospective randomized trial conducted over a 19-month period in an urban, academic trauma center. METHODS All trauma patients with(More)
Temperature is a key environmental variable whose potential in animal cell fermentor optimization is not yet fully utilized. The scarce literature data suggests that reduced fermentor temperature results in an improved viability and shear resistance, higher cell density and titer in batch cultures, and reduction in glucose/lactate metabolism. Due to the(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the long-term venous function of ligated, simple, and complex repairs and to assess long-term patency in repaired veins. DESIGN A cohort study of patients with lower-extremity venous injuries treated during a 7-year period. SETTING A level I urban trauma center. PATIENTS Twenty-one of the 79 patients with a history of(More)
From 1957-1990 four patients underwent total abdominal colectomy with primary ileoproctostomy for control of massive lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage at Field Memorial Community Hospital in the rural community of Centreville, Mississippi. Surgery was performed emergently in two cases, and urgent/electively in the two remaining cases. Bleeding was(More)
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