S. Seyedtabaii

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Artifact free photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals are necessary for non-invasive estimation of oxygen saturation (SpO2) in arterial blood. Movement of a patient corrupts the PPGs with motion artifacts, resulting in large errors in the computation of Sp02. This paper presents a study on using Kalman Filter in an innovative way by modeling both the Artillery(More)
In this paper, single chip CMOS design of a reconfigurable fuzzy traffic light controller is studied. The chip inputs are traffic data and parameters of fuzzy membership degrees (MD). MD’s are allowed to have variable numbers of reconfigurable trapezoidal membership functions. Based on the traffic density, the fuzzy traffic controller decides either to(More)
Rounding of coefficients is a common practice in hardware implementation of digital filters. Where some coefficients are very close to zero or one, as assumed in this paper, this rounding action also leads to some computation reduction. Furthermore, if the discarded coefficient is of high order, a reduced order filter is obtained, otherwise the order does(More)
In this paper, the procedure of CMOS design of a reconfigurable fuzzy traffic light control that may work in a severe condition is discussed. The chip receives the membership degree parameters and traffic density indexes. The membership degree is allowed to have variable numbers of reconfigurable trapezoid patterns. Import/export of data is carried out(More)
Fault detection of nonlinear systems become more feasible when it is conducted over Takagi-Sugeno (TS) approximated fuzzy models. Proportional plus integral observer (PIO) and robust observer (RO) have already been developed for the estimation of the system states and actuator/sensor faults. In this paper, the algorithms are implemented for the detection of(More)
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