S. Seth Long

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Activity Recognition in Smart Environments presents a difficult learning problem. The focus of this paper is a 10-class activity recognition problem using motion sensor events over time involving multiple residents and non-scripted activities. This paper presents the results of using three different graph-based approaches to this problem, and compares them(More)
The shape of the human brain is correlated with many life events and psychological conditions. In this paper, we use a graph-based approach to represent the shape of the brain, including the shape of the ventricular system and shape relative to the skull. This graph representation is applied to classification of individuals based on level of cognitive(More)
The Down syndrome cell adhesion molecule (DSCAM) is required for regulation of cell number, soma spacing, and cell type-specific dendrite avoidance in many types of retinal ganglion and amacrine cells. In this study we assay the organization of cells making up the outer plexiform layer of the retina in the absence of Dscam. Some types of OFF bipolar cells,(More)
Information in the brain is often segregated into spatially organized layers that reflect the function of the embedded circuits. This is perhaps best exemplified in the layering, or lamination, of the retinal inner plexiform layer (IPL). The neurites of the retinal ganglion, amacrine and bipolar cell subtypes that form synapses in the IPL are precisely(More)
PURPOSE Rod spherules are the site of the first synaptic contact in the retina's rod pathway, linking rods to horizontal and bipolar cells. Rod spherules have been described and characterized through electron micrograph (EM) and other studies, but their morphological diversity related to retinal circuitry and their intracellular structures have not been(More)
Objective: To investigate the clinical characteristics of early term and full term neonates, and analyze the risk factors associated with short term outcomes in early term neonates. Method: Neonates with birth weight (BW) ≥2 500 g from year 2013 were analyzed retrospectively based on American Congress of Obstericians & Gynecologists (ACOG) latest definition(More)
The ventricular system inside the brain is known to enlarge and change shape given conditions such as Alzheimer's disease. This change in shape may provide a way to assess the level of cognitive impairment of a patient, as well as other intellectual characteristics. This paper describes the use of trees to represent the 3D space containing the third and(More)