S. Senthilkumar

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The Distributed Generation (DG) have created a challenge and an opportunity for developing various novel technologies in power generation. The proposed work discusses the primary factors that have lead to an increasing interest in DG. DG reduces line losses, increases system voltage profile and hence improves power quality. The proposed work finds out the(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is well known for its limited transmission range of wireless network interface. Hence, multiple hops (multi-hops) may be needed for exchanging the information from one node to another across the network without any base stations or routers. In MANETs, as there is no hierarchy among nodes, every node is responsible for(More)
Economic Dispatch is an important optimization task in power system. It is the process of allocating generation among the committed units such that the constraints imposed are satisfied and the energy requirements are minimized. More just, the soft computing method has received supplementary concentration and was used in a quantity of successful and(More)
Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) is an intelligent wireless communication system that adapts itself to variations in the incoming radio frequency stimuli by modifying the operating parameters. Using the spectrum sensing techniques, the idle channels are detected, and allocated to the Secondary Users (SUs). The existing cooperative spectrum sensing techniques(More)
The aim of study of this paper is design and implementation of a simple and efficient soft switched Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for three-phase induction motor drives. Soft-switching techniques have gained popularity in recent times because they offer many advantages over hard-switched Pulse Width Modulated inverters such as higher efficiency, higher power(More)