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The Distributed Generation (DG) have created a challenge and an opportunity for developing various novel technologies in power generation. The proposed work discusses the primary factors that have lead to an increasing interest in DG. DG reduces line losses, increases system voltage profile and hence improves power quality. The proposed work finds out the(More)
Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is well known for its limited transmission range of wireless network interface. Hence, multiple hops (multi-hops) may be needed for exchanging the information from one node to another across the network without any base stations or routers. In MANETs, as there is no hierarchy among nodes, every node is responsible for(More)
Economic Dispatch is an important optimization task in power system. It is the process of allocating generation among the committed units such that the constraints imposed are satisfied and the energy requirements are minimized. More just, the soft computing method has received supplementary concentration and was used in a quantity of successful and(More)
Although a variety of edge detection algorithms are available, they do not always lead to acceptable results in extracting various features in an image. In this paper, an algorithm for detecting blood vessels in angiographic images of human heart is presented. The gray-level profile of the cross section of a blood vessel is approximated by a Gaussian shaped(More)
Our approach is simpler than prior network QOS schemes, which have required QOS support at every network node. In addition to reducing NOC area and energy consumption, the proposed topology-aware QOS architecture enables an elastic buffering (EB) optimization in parts of the network freed from QOS support. Elastic buffering further diminishes router buffer(More)