S. Senthamarai Kannan

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A novel correlation based memetic framework (MA-C) which is a combination of genetic algorithm (GA) and local search (LS) using correlation based filter ranking is proposed in this paper. The local filter method used here fine-tunes the population of GA solutions by adding or deleting features based on Symmetrical Uncertainty (SU) measure. The focus here is(More)
We prove that if G is a semisimple adjoint group over an algebraically closed eld of arbitrary characteristic, X is the wonderful compacti cation of G and b G is a simply connected covering of G, then for any ample line bundle L over X, the cone over X given by L is normal. MIRAMARE { TRIESTE October 2000 E-mail: kannan@ictp.trieste.it; kannan@smi.ernet.in
In this paper, for any simple, simply connected algebraic group G of type Bn, Cn or Dn and for any maximal parabolic subgroup P of G, we describe all minimal dimensional Schubert varieties in G/P admitting semistable points for the action of a maximal torus T with respect to an ample line bundle on G/P . In this paper, we also describe, for any semi-simple(More)