S Sengathir Selvan

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Problem statement: Elastography is developed as a quantitative approach to imaging linear elastic properties of tissues to detect suspicious tumors. We propose an automatic feature extraction method in ultrasound elastography and echography for characterization of breast lesions. Approach: The proposed algorithm was tested on 40 pairs of biopsy proven(More)
The proposal of new efficient noise removal and deblurring methods are significant challenge in image processing. Wavelet algorithms are commonly used for denoising. Although wavelet algorithm is very efficient for denoising and deblurring, it suffers from shift variance. In order to overcome shift variance, a proposed algorithm known as Framelet algorithm(More)
Common breast lesions have different elasticity properties. Segmentation of contours of breast lesions from elastography and B mode images by incorporating variational level set method is involved in the proposed work. After segmentation, strain and shape features, such as differences in area, perimeter, and contour and width to height difference and(More)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ABSTRACT A novel method of automatic detection of optic disc based on morphological filtering, gray level thresholding and principle component analysis is proposed. The proposed method is to detect optic disc from the fundus image employing blood(More)
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