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Today we are living in information driven era. In the information age, there are different types of data attributes which are critical. Every organization is looking for a reliable solution so that data of the company is maintained safely and is available & accessible to everyone. For competent management of business process, computerization is must in(More)
DAG scheduling is a process that plans and supervises the execution of interdependent tasks on heterogeneous computing resources. Efficient task scheduling is one of the important factors to improve the performance of heterogeneous computing systems. In this paper, an investigation on implementing Variable Neighborhood Search (VNS) algorithm for scheduling(More)
Private data such as electronic health records and banking transactions must be shared within the cloud environment to analysis or mine data for research purposes. Data privacy is one of the most concerned issues in big data applications, because processing large-scale sensitive data sets often requires computation power provided by public cloud services. A(More)
Security becomes the major problem in the real world application where biometrics based authentication can ensure the secured access permission. In the existing research method, secure advance system for fingerprint privacy protection by combining different biometrics fingerprint and face into a new identity is introduced. However, Authentication using the(More)
Every organization is information driven and it's the employee who drives and carries out day to day activities. The P&A department train the people, organizes them, so that employees can effectively perform these activities. This requires viewing people as human assets, not costs to the organization. Looking at people as assets is part of human(More)
Due to the development of information and network technologies, idle computers all over the world can be organized and utilized to enhance the overall computation performance. Grid computing refers to the combination of computer resources from multiple administrative domains used to reach a common goal. Grids offer a way of using the information technology(More)
Knowledge management has become an important aspect of any enterprise today. In today's competitive environment capturing and sharing of knowledge are important for correct and timely decisions. Knowledge can be classified as mission critical, confidential or open knowledge. It may exist in variety of sources, formats and devices viz, in people's heads,(More)
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