S. Selvarajan

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Satellite image acquisition systems are generating more data than can be analysed by human experts. In this work, automated detection and recognition of buildings in remote sensing imageries is explored. Local changes or variations of the intensity of an imagery (such as edges and corners) are important information for image processing and pattern(More)
Hand geometry is one among the first biometrics to find practical use across an assortment of real-world security applications. A hand geometry based recognition system works by acquiring the image of a hand to determine the geometry and metrics namely the finger length, width and other attributes. Some of the existing hand geometry biometrics systems(More)
An anonymous on demand routing protocol (ANODR) was designed based on the previous studies as the countermeasure for preventing passive attacks. ANODR is a purely on demand routing and identity free routing scheme that sets up an anonymous route as needed in real time. The proposed protocol ensures node privacy, route anonymity and location privacy and is(More)
In most of the previous works on hand-based recognition methods, mostly, the significance was not given to the side of the hand, which is used in the model. The palm side of the hand is generally used because, it is very easy to capture using a simple scanning device and we can extract the shape based features as well as the palm print from the same image.(More)
Problem statement: This study attempts to present an object-net method for word sense disambiguation. It is proposed to model the elementary meanings which assist the machine to autonomously undertake the analysis and synthesis processes of meaning. Approach: In the proposed methodology, the disambiguation process was performed in context manner. Starting(More)
We propose an edge embedded marker based watershed algorithm for high spatial resolution remote sensing image segmentation. Two improvement techniques are proposed for the two key steps of maker extraction and pixel labeling, to make it more effective and efficient for high spatial resolution image segmentation. Moreover, the edge information, detected by(More)
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