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323 Abstract – The Objective of this paper is to give more insight into DCM Operation of the LCC Converter to obtain optimum design using state-space analysis and to verify the results using PSPICE Simulation for wide variation in loading conditions. We have used to motor load (R-L-E). We have used embedded based triggering circuit and the embedded ‘C’(More)
This paper presents 250W, 50 KHz LCC resonant inverter having Efficiencies greater than 90% were obtained down to resistive loads of 50%. Efficiencies greater than 75% were obtained at significantly reduced loads (11%). Operation above resonance was utilized to increase the efficiency and maintain zero voltage switching (ZVS) for varied loads. Total(More)
This paper presents PSO with parallel mutation (PMPSO) to determine the maximum loadability point of the power system. PSO works excellently with less number of iterations but when the number of iterations increases, there is a likelihood of getting trapped in local optima which is not desirable. To overcome this problem of premature convergence, a new(More)
The ball and beam is a basic reference point system with high nonlinearity and unstable system in its dynamics. Many simple and present day control methods have been used to balance the ball and beam system. The goal of this project is to model and control the ball and beam system. Here considering the beam angle of servo motor and designing controllers to(More)
Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) is the primary cause of visual loss in case of diabetic patients. It is mainly caused by the changes in the blood vessels of the retina even though manual screening is available but they are very much time consuming and inefficient. Therefore for automatic detection of these changes and prevention of vision loss, color retinal(More)
In Automation era, a real time system needs an effective sensor design. Sensors act as a feedback unit of the control system, which provides measurable input from the environment. Individual sensors in the real time system are affected by the noisy environment which results in the production of messy output. So we go for soft sensor design. In autonomous(More)
Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy are the leading common cause of vision loss. Optic Disc and macula are the important landmark for the detection of these retinal pathology. Even though, the manual screening of Optic Disc and macula are available, they consume more time and have more human error. Therefore, there is a need of an automated application for(More)
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