S. Schonhardt

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We present the first electromagnetic comb drive actuator which allows for large, linear actuator motion at large air gap widths of <i>25</i> <i>mum</i> and a structural height of <i>400</i> <i>mum</i>. Previously reported designs require very narrow air gaps of <i>3</i> <i>mum</i> at structural heights of up to <i>1</i> <i>mm</i> [1] which makes them(More)
This paper presents a novel combdrive configuration of a linear magnetic microactuator. We discuss in detail the influence of the air-gap geometry on the plunger motion and give design rules to avoid pull-in behavior. This analysis results in a new configuration, which is, so far, only known for electrostatic actuators. The magnetic flux is guided over(More)
We report on the increase of the sensitivity of variable reluctance inductive displacement sensors by the use of a novel comb configuration. In previous publications we showed that a comb configuration can be used to extend the traveling rage of electromagnetic actuators [1, 2]. This principle is now used for sensor applications. Experiments show an(More)
Any microfluidic device depends on a proper and complete filling with liquid. In many cases entrapped air bubbles will drastically alter device performance and thus have to be avoided. Especially the dosing of liquids with micropumps or free jet dispensers is heavily influenced by the existence of gas bubbles. Also optical detection in microfluidic systems(More)
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