S. Schmeling

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The Detector Safety System (DSS), currently being developed at CERN under the auspices of the Joint Controls Project (JCOP), will be responsible for assuring the protection of equipment for the four Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments. Thus, the DSS will require a high degree of both availability and reliability. After evaluation of various possible(More)
The four major LHC experiments have agreed to a common supervisory controls approach under the auspices of the Joint Controls Project (JCOP). This approach is based on a commercial SCADA product called PVSS. Apart from that, several other sub-projects of JCOP address common aspects of the experiments' Detector Controls Systems (DCS). Within JCOP a number of(More)
LHCb is a dedicated B-physics experiment under construction at CERN’s large hadron collider (LHC) accelerator. This paper will describe the novel approach LHCb is taking toward controlling and monitoring of electronics boards. Instead of using the bus in a crate to exercise control over the boards, we use credit-card sized personal computers (CCPCs)(More)
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