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Coherent x-ray diffraction imaging is an x-ray microscopy technique with the potential of reaching spatial resolutions well beyond the diffraction limits of x-ray microscopes based on optics. However, the available coherent dose at modern x-ray sources is limited, setting practical bounds on the spatial resolution of the technique. By focusing the available(More)
We used hard X-ray scanning microscopy with ptychographic coherent diffraction contrast to image a front-end processed passivated microchip fabricated in 80 nm technology. No sample preparation was needed to image buried interconnects and contact layers with a spatial resolution of slightly better than 40 nm. The phase shift in the sample is obtained(More)
The continued downscaling in SiGe heterostructures is approaching the point at which lateral confinement leads to a uniaxial strain state, giving high enhancements of the charge carrier mobility. Investigation of the strain relaxation as induced by the patterning of a continuous SiGe layer is thus of scientific and technological importance. In the present(More)
The existence of surface and interfacial melting of ice below 0 degrees C has been confirmed by many different experimental techniques. Here we present a high-energy x-ray reflectivity study of the interfacial melting of ice as a function of both temperature and x-ray irradiation dose. We found a clear increase of the thickness of the quasiliquid layer with(More)
We describe the concentration process of a dispersion of silica nanoparticles undergoing evaporation in a dedicated microfluidic device. Using microfocused small-angle X-ray scattering, we measure in time and space both the concentration field of the dispersion and its structure factor. We show that the electrostatic interactions affect the concentration(More)
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