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BACKGROUND An integrated approach to teaching medical subjects is an effective educational strategy. Yet, this has not become popular in medical colleges in India. We describe an integrated learning programme to teach the gastrointestinal system in the first year of the medical course. METHODS The integrated learning programme was conducted for 3 years(More)
Articular cartilage defects have a poor capacity for repair. Most of the current treatment options result in the formation of fibro-cartilage, which is functionally inferior to normal hyaline articular cartilage. We studied the effectiveness of allogenic chondrocyte transplantation for focal articular cartilage defects in rabbits. Chondrocytes were cultured(More)
SUMMARY: Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) represent a class of multipotent progenitor cells that have been isolated from multiple tissue sites. Of these, adipose tissue and bone marrow offer advantages in terms of access, abundance, and the extent of their documentation in the literature. This review focuses on the in vitro differentiation capability of cells(More)
BACKGROUND Different teaching-learning methods have been used in teaching endocrine physiology for the medical students, so as to increase their interest and enhance their learning. This paper describes the pros and cons of the various approaches used to reinforce didactic instruction in endocrine physiology and goes on to describe the value of adding an(More)
Adipose tissue is an easily accessible and abundant source of stem cells. Adipose stem cells (ASCs) are currently being researched as treatment options for repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. The standard culture conditions used for expansion of ASCs contain fetal bovine serum (FBS) which is undefined, could transmit known and unknown adventitious(More)
Early ambulation after lower extremity amputation has profound benefits on the functional, psychological outcomes and enhanced prosthetic compliance among this clientele. The various potential risks of immobility--pain, oedema, muscle atrophy, phantom sensations, contractures, aerobic de-conditioning, and the like, are reduced due to early ambulation.(More)
  • Eden A, Pizov R Toderis, +21 authors Reich Dl Manual
  • 2016
AIMS did not check for and detect loss of incoming data resulting in an incomplete record. The patient became quadriplegic during the period without data and the quality of the anesthetic was claimed to be poor. Because data were missing, quality of care could not be assessed. Vigoda MM, Lubarsky DA. Failure to recognize loss of incoming data in an(More)
feel that while the current com-petencies give an indication of the ability of an SHO to perform basic anaesthetic skills, these skills are not adequate by themselves to allow safe independent practice. A course covering the management of critical incidents should form part of the basic curriculum for novice anaesthetists prior to being placed on the(More)
In compliance with the Medical Council of India, preclinical medical students maintain a record of their laboratory work in physiology. The physiology record books also contain a set of questions to be answered by the students. Faculty members and students had indicated that responding to these questions did not serve the intended purpose of being an(More)