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BACKGROUND Areca nut is the fourth main psychoactive substance in the world. In India, tobacco is added to the quid and the commercially manufactured nonperishable forms of betel quid (pan masala or gutkha) are on the rise in the market. OBJECTIVE To find out the prevalence of areca nut among the rural residents of Sriperambudur Taluk. SETTINGS AND(More)
OBJECTIVE The main objective of the study was to understand the perceptions of the residents of rural part of Sriperambudur Taluk, regarding areca nut use. This article discusses the findings of in-depth interviews and focus group discussions at rural part of Sriperambudur Taluk. MATERIALS AND METHODS A community-based survey was conducted using(More)
—Utilization of wearable textile materials for the development of microstrip antenna segment has been rapid due to the recent miniaturization of wireless devices. A wearable antenna is meant to be a part of the clothing used for communication purposes, which includes tracking and navigation, mobile computing and public safety. This paper describes design(More)
Impedance and radiation characteristics of 2.45 GHz wearable antennas in close proximity to human body are discussed in this paper. Two circular microstrip antennas namely Flectron antenna and Zelt antenna are considered in this research work. Each of these two antennas is assumed to be placed in the vicinity of human torso with an air gap of 1 mm between(More)
—This paper addresses the design and development of HiperLAN antennas meeting the IEEE 802.11a standards for wearable applications. Five such antennas are investigated for their performance characteristics, out of which three are conventional copper based antennas and the remaining two are fully fabric antennas. The results reveal that all the proposed(More)
This paper presents design and simulation of aperture coupled microstrip antenna for circular polarization and maximum coupling. The glass epoxy (&#x03B5;<inf>r</inf> &#x003D; 4.3) is selected as the dielectric substrate for the patch as well as the quadrature hybrid coupler feed. The antenna is designed for a center frequency of 915 MHz with a bandwidth of(More)
Impedance and radiation characteristics of 2.45 GHz wearable antennas in close proximity to a human body are studied in this paper. Three rectangular microstrip antennas namely wash cotton antenna, polyester antenna and polyester combined cotton antenna are considered in this preliminary study. Each of these three antennas is assumed to be placed in the(More)
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