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In eukaryotes, the Cdt1-bound replicative helicase core MCM2-7 is loaded onto DNA by the ORC-Cdc6 ATPase to form a prereplicative complex (pre-RC) with an MCM2-7 double hexamer encircling DNA. Using purified components in the presence of ATP-γS, we have captured in vitro an intermediate in pre-RC assembly that contains a complex between the ORC-Cdc6 and(More)
Nonribosomal peptide synthetases (NRPSs) are modular multidomain enzymes that act as an assembly line to catalyze the biosynthesis of complex natural products. The crystal structure of the 144-kilodalton Bacillus subtilis termination module SrfA-C was solved at 2.6 angstrom resolution. The adenylation and condensation domains of SrfA-C associate closely to(More)
Non-ribosomal peptide products often contain modified building blocks or post-assembly line alterations of their peptide scaffolds with some of them being crucial for biological activity. These reactions such as halogenation, hydroxylation or glycosylation are mostly catalyzed by individual enzymes associated with the respective biosynthesis cluster. The(More)
Mobile personal communications applications require high speed, light weight, low power and customis-ability. They also exhibit architectural heterogeneity of subsystems. This paper describes a design methodology for such applications which spans the whole design process; from specification, through simulation to synthesis. The objectives of this(More)
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