S. Sameen Fatima

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Text summarization is the process of distilling the most important information from a source to produce an abridged version for a particular user and task. When this is done by means of a computer, i.e. automatically, it calls as Automatic Text Summarization. Summarization can be classified into two approaches: extraction and abstraction. Extraction based(More)
World Wide Web is the store house of abundant information available in various electronic forms. In the past two decades, the increase in the performance of computers in handling large quantity of text data led researchers to focus on reliable and optimal retrieval of information already exist in the huge resources. Though the existing search engines,(More)
The ever-increasing availability of online textual data bases and the development of Internet have necessitated intensive research in the area of automatic text summarization within the Natural Language Processing (NLP) community. Researchers and students constantly face the problem when they work on a research project that, it is almost impossible to read(More)
Recent years have brought a symbolic growth in the volume of research in Sentiment Analysis, mostly on highly subjective text types like movie or product reviews. The main difference these texts have with news articles is that their target is apparently defined and unique across the text. Thence while dealing with news articles, we performed three subtasks(More)
Predicting the performance of the students and helping them to improve their knowledge in subjects is one of the jobs of the educational universities. It is a laborious work to track many students in the universities. So, the universities started using content management systems to track the record of the student's marks, grades and performance. Even then,(More)
Electronic detection of linguistic negation in free text is a challenging need for many text handling applications including sentiment analysis. Our system uses online news archives from two different resources namely NDTV and The Hindu to predict the scope of negation in the text. In this paper, our main target was on determining the scope of negation in(More)
With the remarkable growth of information obtainable to end users through the web, search engines come to play ever a more significant role. The search engines sometimes give disappointing search results for lack of any classification of search. If we can somehow find the preference of user about the search result and rank pages according to that(More)
In recent years, social media has become more and more popular because it is playing an important role in empowering citizens, organization of community activism, social good and even used for coordination in emergency situations. The social media has become integral part of the current generation. In this study, we aim to analyze the influence of social(More)