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In this paper we present a new fast motion estimation technique using spatial and temporal correlation among motion vectors. The motion vector of a block can be predicted from the motion vectors of its neighbouring blocks. Statistical analyses show that the role of different neighbouring blocks in the prediction process changes with time. A dynamic sorting(More)
With the scarcity of fossil fuels predicted for near future, solar energy is declared to be the best alternative. Production of conventional semiconductor cells is costly and requires complex facilities. Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSC) are low cost and seem very promising as alternative for the conventional semiconductor cells. This paper presents how we(More)
Multi-constraint quality-of-service routing will become increasingly important as the Internet evolves to support real-time services. It is well known however, that optimum multi-constraint QoS routing is computationally complex, and for this reason various heuristics have been proposed for routing in practical situations. Among these methods, those that(More)
Microarray technology is a new and powerful tool for concurrent monitoring of large number of genes expressions. Each microarray experiment produces hundreds of images. Each digital image requires a large storage space. Hence, real-time processing of these images and transmission of them necessitates efficient and custom-made lossless compression schemes.(More)
Prostate cancer continues to be the most commonly diagnosed cancer among men. Brachytherapy has emerged as one of the definitive treatment options for early stage prostate cancer which entails permanent implantation of radioactive seeds into the prostate to eradicate the cancer with ionizing radiation. Successful brachytherapy requires the ability to(More)
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