S. Samavedam

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Dimethylsulphide (DMS) has an important role in the global sulphur cycle and atmospheric chemistry. Microorganisms using DMS as sole carbon, sulphur or energy source, contribute to the cycling of DMS in a wide variety of ecosystems. The diversity of microbial populations degrading DMS in terrestrial environments is poorly understood. Based on cultivation(More)
We report for the first time electrical characterization of HfO 2 p-and n-MOSFETs with CVD TiN and PVD TaSiN gates respectively. Their performance is compared to PVD TiN-gated HfO 2 and SiO 2 n-and p-MOSFETs. To understand the issues with metal gates on high K gate dielectrics, PVD TiN MOSFETs were extensively characterized. At 10nA/µm leakage, 0.375mA/µm(More)
Atg8-family proteins are the best-studied proteins of the core autophagic machinery. They are essential for the elongation and closure of the phagophore into a proper autophagosome. Moreover, Atg8-family proteins are associated with the phagophore from the initiation of the autophagic process to, or just prior to, the fusion between autophagosomes with(More)
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