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Dimethylsulphide (DMS) has an important role in the global sulphur cycle and atmospheric chemistry. Microorganisms using DMS as sole carbon, sulphur or energy source, contribute to the cycling of DMS in a wide variety of ecosystems. The diversity of microbial populations degrading DMS in terrestrial environments is poorly understood. Based on cultivation(More)
Atg8-family proteins are the best-studied proteins of the core autophagic machinery. They are essential for the elongation and closure of the phagophore into a proper autophagosome. Moreover, Atg8-family proteins are associated with the phagophore from the initiation of the autophagic process to, or just prior to, the fusion between autophagosomes with(More)
In this paper, we describe the performance elements used in our 28nm bulk devices with the gate first high-k/metal gate scheme for high performance applications. By using the innovative stressor integrations including improved stress memory technique (SMT), optimized embedded SiGe process and dual stress liner, Ieff of ∼540/360 uA/um have been(More)
Macroautophagy/autophagy has been shown to mediate the selective lysosomal degradation of pathogenic bacteria and viruses (xenophagy), and to contribute to the activation of innate and adaptative immune responses. Autophagy can serve as an antiviral defense mechanism but also as a pro-viral process during infection. Atg8-family proteins play a central role(More)
This paper presents performance evaluation of high-κ/metal gate (HK/MG) process on an industry standard 45nm low power microprocessor built on bulk substrate. CMOS devices built with HK/MG demonstrate 50% improvement in NFET and 65% improvement in PFET drive current when compared with industry standard 45nm Poly/SiON devices. No additional stress(More)
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