S. Samanta

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Lyme arthritis results from colonization of joints by Borrelia burgdorferi and the ensuing host response. Using gene array-based differential analysis of B. burgdorferi gene expression and quantitative reverse trancription-polymerase chain reaction, we identified two paralogous spirochete genes, bmpA and bmpB, that are preferentially up-regulated in mouse(More)
All land surface process models require parameters that are proxies for spatial processes that are impractical or impossible to measure. Recent developments in model parameter estimation theory suggest that information obtained from calibrating such models is inherently uncertain in nature. As a consequence, identification of optimum parameter values is(More)
Fasciola gigantica, causative agent of tropical fasciolosis, inflicts substantial economic losses on the livestock industry, affecting severely buffalo productivity in the tropical countries. Very few vaccination trials with different target antigens against F. gigantica infection have been conducted in this host. Present study describes a vaccination trial(More)
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