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Recent studies reveal that multisensory convergence can occur in early sensory cortical areas. However, the behavioral importance of the multisensory integration in such early cortical areas is unknown. Here, we used c-Fos immunohistochemistry to explore neuronal populations specifically activated during the facilitation of reaction time induced by the(More)
This paper describes an algorithm to improve a computational cost for estimation using the Kriging method with a large number of sampling data. An improved formula to compute the weighting coefficient for Kriging estimation is proposed. The Sherman–Morrison–Woodbury formula is applied to solving an approximated simultaneous equation to determine a weighting(More)
Recently, Nishijima-Gell-Mann's rule 1 l for the systematization of new particles has achieved a great success to account for various facts obtained from the experiments with cosmic rays and with high energy accelerators. Nevertheless, it would be desirable from the theoretical standpoint * The content of this letter was read before the annual meeting of(More)
7-12 Hz Oscillations, characterized by spindle-like high-voltage rhythmic spike components, appear in quiet immobile states of rats. However, it remains unclear what their relationships with preceding behavioral activities are and how prefrontal neuronal dynamics during these oscillations is. In the present study, we first determined the relationship of(More)
I would first like to thank the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation for awarding me this honour, of which I had never even dreamt. I was born in 1940, the son of a furniture craftsman in the city of Nagoya, in Japan. My father wanted to change his job and was taking a correspondence course to become an electrical engineer, while he(More)