S. Sajithra Varun

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This paper addresses the need of semantic component in the grid environment to discover and describe the grid resources semantically. We propose semantic grid architecture by introducing a knowledge layer at the top of Gridbus broker architecture and thereby enabling broker to discover resources semantically. The semantic component in the knowledge layer(More)
The availability and the integration of genetic information into our understanding of normal and abnormal growth and development are driving important changes in health care. These changes have fostered the hope that the availability of genetic information will promote a better understanding of disease etiology and permit early, even pre-symptomatic(More)
---------------------------------------------------------Abstract------------------------------------------------------The synchronization of Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Navigation System (INS) can overcome the defects of INS or GPS standalone systems. This scheme implemented conceptualize, a far more flexible, platform based time(More)
IJSER © 2015 http://www.ijser.org Abstract— Maintaining data reliability in public cloud acts a vital role in cloud computing. Cloud storage auditing solves the complexity of data reliability in public cloud. In progress auditing protocols are all standard on the statement that the client’s private key for auditing is completely protected. However, such(More)
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