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As various e-Health providers gain access to new sources of electronic health data while more entities are collecting evidence of effective healthcare procedures, we research the privacy/security/trust services mechanisms in the expanding electronic healthcare and administration environment to enable mobile e-Health applications deployment. To address the(More)
While the event extraction and event based natural language processing system have been extensively studied, very little of the work has been done on the annotation of Chinese event. Annotating Chinese event in the text is a complex task. This paper focuses on the taggability of Chinese event, the pre-requisite of annotating Chinese event. A comprehensive(More)
With the looming urgency of e-Health technology mandated certification, privacy protection implementation and e-Health reporting in the year of 2014, service providers have to conform to the latest e-Health regulations (i.e., the "Final Rules of 2014") in the United States. We investigated the Service Context Management Solution for both the CE (Covered(More)
As the e-Health world is geared up for a more efficient rollout of fast healthcare resources, we designed our new Rapid Delivery e-Health Service (RDeHS) platform, which not only streamlines standard conformance through emerging technologies in e-Health resources. This paper reports the evolution in our new architectural approach for the purpose of rapid(More)
This paper reports our innovation in a Smart and Connected e-Health Service (SCeHS) lab approach for e-Health standards validation. The lab platform has been designed for SCeHS which is a next generation solution following the initial Big Data e-Health Service (BDeHS) initiative. After a number of e-Health standards are summarized, we present our validation(More)
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