S. S. Zhu

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  • B Lipschultz, X Bonnin, G Counsell, A Kallenbach, A Kukushkin, K Krieger +41 others
  • 2007
Recent research in Scrape-Off Layer (SOL) and divertor physics is reviewed; New and existing data from a variety of experiments have been used to make cross-experiment comparisons with implications for further research and ITER. Studies of the region near the separatrix have addressed the relationship of profiles to turbulence as well as the scaling of the(More)
The slender, oval-shaped face is considered to be attractive in East Asia. To obtain the ideal contour of the midface, reduction malarplasty has been popularized in oriental countries in recent years. This report describes a surgical technique for reduction of the zygomatic body and arch. After labiobuccal vestibular incisions are made, the anterior(More)
Mandibular angle ostectomy (MAO) and mandibular angle-splitting ostectomy (MASO) are the main surgical approaches for the aesthetic correction of a square and broad lower face. However, few data exist on the changes in lower face width and morphology after two different forms of reduction mandibuloplasty. The sample in the current study consisted of 42(More)
Mandibular symphyseal defects caused by tumor surgery, trauma, or congenital misshape can produce maxillofacial deformity and functional handicap. Recently, the technique of distraction osteogenesis has become a valuable reconstructive method for craniofacial bone defects. Four adult rhesus monkeys were used in this study. The anterior mandibulectomy(More)
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