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The quantum Fourier transform, with exponential speed-up compared to the classical fast Fourier transform, has played an important role in quantum computation as a vital part of many quantum algorithms (most prominently, Shor’s factoring algorithm). However, situations arise where it is not sufficient to encode the Fourier coefficients within the quantum(More)
Circulant matrices are an important family of operators, which have a wide range of applications in science and engineering-related fields. They are, in general, non-sparse and non-unitary. In this paper, we present efficient quantum circuits to implement circulant operators using fewer resources and with lower complexity than existing methods. Moreover,(More)
This paper is concerned with constraints on learning quantifiers, particularly those cognitive on human learning and algorithmic on machine learning, and the resulting implications of those constraints on language identification. Previous experiments show that children attempting to differentiate quantifiers from numbers use a similar acquisition method for(More)
This paper presents an H∞ controller synthesis method for piecewise linear systems based on a piecewise smooth Lyapunov function. It is shown that the closed loop system is globally stable with guaranteed disturbance attenuation performance and the control law can be obtained by solving a set of Linear Matrix Inequalities (LMI) that is numerically feasible(More)
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