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The role of the C24 sulphate in the mating pheromone component, 7α,12α,24-trihydroxy-5α-cholan-3-one 24-sulphate (3kPZS), to specifically induce upstream movement in ovulated female sea lampreys Petromyzon marinus was investigated. 7α,12α-dihydroxy-5α-cholan-3-one 24-oic acid (3kACA), a structurally similar bile acid released by spermiated males, but(More)
Helicobacter pylori is a human pathogen that infects over 50% of the population worldwide. It is the most important etiologic agent of gastroduodenal ulcers and malignancies. Helicobacter pylori urease enzyme is considered the main factor for the organism's colonization in the gastroduodenal mucosa. Hens immunized with the purified urease produce a highly(More)
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