S. S. Wang

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The reliability of the distributed system has been an important topic of research. Agreement protocols, which allow the correct nodes to agree on a common value, have been brought up to aid the reliable execution of tasks. In previous works, fully connected networks, generalized connected networks or multicastinge components were proposed to solve the(More)
First the title could be also understood as " 3-manifolds related by non-zero degree maps " or " Degrees of maps between 3-manifolds " for some aspects in this survey talk. The topology of surfaces was completely understood at the end of 19-th century, but maps between surfaces kept to be an active topic in the 20-th century and many important results just(More)
Cloud computing had opened a new horizon for utilization of resources and their computing. But as accessibility of cloud increases, one of the most important factors to be considered would be availability of resources and load balancing. Fault tolerance is another issue to deal with while providing Quality of Service in cloud environment thus enhancing the(More)
—Traditional image enhancement methods will enhance the region of interest at the same time enhance the noise. A nonlinear algorithm of image enhancement based on wavelet transform is proposed. Firstly, the multi-scale wavelet transform is adopted to decompose the input image, which can extract the characteristic of multi-scale of the image. Secondly,(More)
We demonstrate the Scarlet Knight Interactive Persona, a life-sized animated human avatar which interacts with users using stereo vision. Interaction includes mimicry (where the Knight moves around his domain to reflect the user's position in the world), and game play (in which the user's movement is construed as mark placement in a game of tic-tac-toe).
An uniplanar capacitance sensor is a core device of high-precision instrument applied to measure wood moisture content, permittivity, etc. In nature, it is a special case of a capacitance sensor of unspecific form. This paper describes the numerical solution to a mathematical model of uniplanar capacitance sensor. An uniplanar capacitance sensor with(More)
Cloud computing is interesting era of research where the multiple component, heavy hardware and architecture take part to execute the data and user processes. To maintain different virtual machines, data centers at different locations are required. Sometimes may be over burden on any datacenter and failure or downtime of the datacenter occurred. Thus in(More)
This paper describes a computer vision method for reconstruction of three-dimensional object, this method can reconstruct the object real time and has high precision. In this approach the structured light is used and the light beam is projected to the surface of object. This work is composed of three parts: the first is the introduction of the light-section(More)
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