S. S. Tan

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—This paper addresses the use of adaptive modulation in progressive image transmission with multiple description coding in conjunction with an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) system. Specifically, two adaptive systems are considered: variable rate with fixed power, and variable rate with variable power. An algorithm is proposed to allocate(More)
An important advantage of pattern-based chemosensor sets is their potential to detect and differentiate a large number of analytes with only few sensors. Here we test this principle at a conceptual limit by analyzing a large set of metal ion analytes covering essentially the entire periodic table, employing fluorescent DNA-like chemosensors on solid(More)
—Average throughput maximization has commonly been used as an alternative to image or video average distortion minimization. However, as the throughput-distortion curve is non-linear, throughput maximization can be very different from distortion minimization if the variance of the throughput is large. Under high channel quality variability, the variance of(More)
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