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Monocytic cells bind fibrinogen (fg) through integrin alphaMbeta2. fg-bound monocytic cells demonstrate an enhanced adhesion to endothelial cells, which is dependent on intercellular adhesion molecule-1 (ICAM-1). Our studies differentiate fg interactions with stimulated and resting endothelial cells, which are ICAM-1 dependent and independent, respectively.(More)
Monte Carlo simulations were applied to beta-hairpin folding of a valine-based peptide. Two valine residues in the middle of the peptide were substituted with glycine, to serve as turn residues. Unlike lattice model simulations, structure prediction methods, and unfolding simulations, our simulations used an atom-based model, constant temperature (274 K),(More)
Two water-soluble complex carbohydrate storage products were isolated from tissues and urine of patients with an inherited deficiency of lysosomal alpha-L-fucosidase (fucosidosis). The major component was an oligosaccharide of approximate molecular weight 1700, indicating that it was a dekasaccharide. From a combination of sequential digestion with purified(More)
Activities of the sucrose-cleaving enzymes, acid and neutral invertase and sucrose synthase, were measured in pods and seeds of developing snap bean (Phaseolus vulguris L.) fruits, and compared with t4C-import, elongation and dry weight accumulation. During the first 10d postanthesis, pods elongated rapidly with pod dry weight increase lagging behind by(More)
Northern red oak (Quercus r&a) seedlings were placed in three grades based on number of first-order-lateral roots. The grades were poor, medium, and good and had numbers of 0 to 6, 7 to 11 and t 12, respectively. Eighty seedlings from each group were either underplanted or established in an adjacent clearcut on a high-quality mesic site in North Carolina.(More)
A pentahexosylceramide isolated from canine kidney and intestine was shown by enzyme hydrolyses, partial acid hydrolysis, permethylation and analysis of the products by gasliquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, and serological tests to be a Forssman hapten identical in structure with the Forssman glycolipid from horse spleen. The assigned structure was(More)
A new approach to efficiently calculate solvent effect in computer simulation of macromolecular systems has been developed. Explicit solvent molecules are included in the simulation to provide a mean solvation force for the solute conformational search. Simulations of an alanine dipeptide in aqueous solution showed that the new approach is significantly(More)
Folding of beta-hairpin structures of synthetic peptides has been simulated using the molecular dynamics method with a solvent-referenced potential. Two similar sequences, Ac-MQIFVKS(D)PGKTITLKV-NH(2) and Ac-MQIFVKS(L)PGKTITLKV-NH(2), derived from the N-terminal beta-hairpin of ubiquitin, were used to study the effects of turn residues in beta-hairpin(More)