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The primary cellular location of the nuclear estrogen receptor II (nER II) is the plasma membrane. A number of reports that have appeared in the recent past indicate that plasma membrane localized estrogen receptor alpha (ERalpha) also exists. Whether the membrane localized ERalpha represents the receptor that binds to the estrogen responsive element (ERE)(More)
As times proceed people are depending more and more on computer technology. More enhancements are made on existing technologies to satisfy the improving needs of user. DNA computing is similar to parallel computing. It is a form of computing which uses DNA and molecular biology, instead of traditional silicon based computer technologies. A single gram of(More)
Oral cancer malignancy consists of uncontrolled division of cells primarily in and around the floor of the oral cavity, gingiva, oropharynx, lower lip and base of the tongue. According to GLOBOCAN 2012 report, oral cancer is one of the most common cancers among males and females in India. Even though significant advancements have been made in the field of(More)
Reports state that surgery performed at different phases of the menstrual cycle may significantly affect breast cancer treatment outcome. From previous studies, we identified differentially expressed genes in each menstrual cycle phase by microarray, then subjected them to functional in vitro analyses. Microarray studies disclosed genes that are upregulated(More)
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