S. S. Sergeeva

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The effects of anti-ganglioside antibodies on the functional states of two types of influx Na+ current channels were studied. Experiments used 20% anti-ganglioside antiserum prepared by standard methods by immunizing rabbits with total bovine brain gangliosides. These experiments showed that incubation of neurons in physiological saline containing antiserum(More)
  • S S Sergeeva
  • 1994
The antihypoxants gutimine and amtisole, its cyclic derivative of 3.5-diamino-1,thia-2,4-diazole were tested for their effects on the activity of one of the most power-consuming functions of a nerve cell--on the activity of the K, Na-pump during normoxia. Gutimine was found to decrease K, Na-pump activity in the Retzius neurone by an average of 70%(More)