S. S. Sergeeva

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Experiments on live mollusk neurons isolated with a neurite fragmentsat its various levels demonstrated that axoplasm is characterized by mechanical strain realized in the form of retraction up to complete invagination of the axoplasm into the soma. Changes in axon geometry were attributed to neuroplasm movement. It was found that the direction of axoplasm(More)
Bidirectional axonal current of organelles and molecules in the nerve fibers was demonstrated using radioautography, the horseradish peroxidase and in virology. However, the mechanism of this phenomenon and regulation of the currents direction in axoplasm still remain not entirely understood. In this article we used the model of living single neurons of(More)
The aim of the present work was to study the contractile activity of traumatized nerve cell processes and to attempt to inhibit their retraction using a solution of colchicine. Experiments were performed on living isolated neurons from freshwater mollusks (Lymnaea stagnalis and Planorbis corneus vulgaris), which were studied in phase contrast conditions(More)
The purpose of this investigation was to analyze the contractile activity of traumatized nerve cell processes and to try to inhibit their retraction by colchicine solution. Isolated living neurons of mollusks (Lymnaea stagnalis and Planorbis comeus vulgaris) were studied using phase contrast and time-lapse microvideorecording. In the control group,(More)
An inverted phase contrast microscope was used to perform supravital studies of the structural dynamics of individual gaps (nodes of Ranvier) in the isolated myelin sheaths of frog nerve fibers subjected to mechanical injury and in medium with a decreased ionic strength in conditions in which electrophysiological experiments lead to expression of K+(More)
Using the inverted phase contrast microscope, the supravital study of structural dynamics of single myelin sheath gaps (nodes of Ranvier) of isolated frog myelin nerve fibers was performed after mechanical injury and in the medium with the decreased ion force under the conditions which induce, in electrophysiological experiments, the expression of the(More)