S. S. Manna

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A Barabási–Albert scale-free network is constructed whose nodes are the Poisson distributed random points within a unit square and links are the straight line connections among the nodes. The cost function, which is the total wiring length associated with such a network defined on a two-dimensional plane, is optimized. The optimization process consists of(More)
R ecentexperi m ents at the l evelofa si ngl e cel lhave show n that gene expressi on occurs i n abrupt stochasti c bursts. Further,i n an ensem bl e ofcel l s,the l evel s ofprotei ns produced have a bi m odal di stri buti on. In a l arge fracti on of cel l s, the gene expressi on i s ei ther o or has a hi gh val ue. W e propose a stochasti c m odelofgene(More)
We relate the fractal dimension of the backbone, and the spectral dimension of Eden trees to the dynamical exponent z. In two dimensions, it gives fractal dimension of backbone equal to 4/3 and spectral dimension of trees equal to 5/4. In three dimensions, it provides us a new way to estimate z numerically. We get z = 1.617 ± 0.004. Dense branching patterns(More)
In this paper we present detailed simulation results on the wealth distribution model with quenched saving propensities. Unlike other wealth distribution models where the saving propensities are either zero or constant, this model is not found to be ergodic and self-averaging. The distribution statistics with a single realization of quenched disorder is(More)
Desert roses are gypsum crystals that consist of intersecting disks. We determine their geometrical structure using computer assisted tomography. By mapping the geometrical structure onto a graph, the topology of the desert rose is analyzed and compared to a model based on diffusion limited aggregation. By comparing the topology, we find that the model gets(More)
A simple model of the two dimensional collective motion of a group of mobile agents has been studied. Like birds, these agents travel in open free space where each of them interacts with the first n neighbors determined by the topological distance with a free boundary condition. Using the same prescription for interactions used in the Vicsek model with(More)
We present the results of a detailed numerical study of a model for the sharing and sorting of information in a community consisting of a large number of agents. The information gathering takes place in a sequence of mutual bipartite interactions where randomly selected pairs of agents communicate with each other to enhance their knowledge and sort out the(More)