S. S. Makhanov

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A new approach based on vector field clustering for tool path optimization of 5-axis CNC machining is presented in this paper. The strategy of the approach is to produce an efficient tool path with respect to the optimal cutting direction vector field. The optimal cutting direction maximizes the machining strip width. We use the normalized cut clustering(More)
(NECTEC) for the valuable sponsorship without which the project would not have been implemented. We also thank the staff of the CIM Lab of the AIT Mr. Somchai Taopanich and Mr. Than Lin for their contribution and excellent cooperation. ABSTRACT. Optimization of cutting operations is an active area of research in the CNC-based manufacturing. The limited(More)
3-Axis Machines have traditionally been used for stamping die insert machining, which have less flexibility in terms of degrees of freedom. In order to cater to ever increasing demand for class-A surface finish of the inserts, additional operations such as hand grinding and polishing needs to be performed. It has been possible to manufacture the die inserts(More)
This paper presents a geometric modeling method and 5-axis CNC machining algorithm for the manufacture of screw propellers in one single setup. A novel approach for 5-axis roughing is developed and implemented in addition to further streamline finishing sequences. The toolpath is generated by dividing the propeller model into milling regions viz. the front(More)
The paper presents a concatenation of two methods for optimization of five-axis machining proposed earlier by the author. The first method is based on the grid generation techniques whereas the second method exploits the space filling curve technologies. Combination of the two techniques is superior with regard to the conventional methods and with regard to(More)
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