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The role of spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization in III–V nitride heterostructures is investigated. Polarization effects and crystal polarity are reviewed in the context of nitride heterostructure materials and device design, and a detailed analysis of their influence in nitride heterostructure field-effect transistors is presented. The combined(More)
Cells isolated from the rat pleural cavity consist mainly of macrophages, mast cells, eosinophils, and lymphocytes. Isolated pleural cells labeled with [14C]arachidonic acid released appreciable amounts (approximately 12%) of radiolabel upon exposure to pharmacological concentrations of carrageenan (1-100 micrograms/ml). The release of radiolabel was(More)
The focus of eutrophication research has tended to be upon short-term and experimental studies. However, given the range of factors that can influence eutrophication dynamics, and that these matter over a range of time scales, some discrete, some continuous, eutrophication dynamics may only be fully investigated when long-term, time-series data are(More)
The ability of submerged macrophytes to moderate the structure of food webs with respect to lake eutrophication management has been intensively studied in recent years. Many lake managers have adopted the option of increasing macrophyte abundance in order to restore eutrophic waters, with a view to improve water quality, increase water transparency and(More)
Deep-level transient spectroscopy has been used to characterize electronic defects in n-type GaN grown by reactive molecular-beam epitaxy. Five deep-level electronic defects were observed, with activation energies E150.23460.006, E250.57860.006, E350.65760.031, E450.96160.026, and E550.24060.012 eV. Among these, the levels labeled E1 , E2 , and E3 are(More)
Lau, Sandy S., Tina M. Griffin, and Ruben Mestril. Protection against endotoxemia by HSP70 in rodent cardiomyocytes. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 278: H1439– H1445, 2000.—Clinical and experimental studies have shown that myocardial dysfunction is an early event during endotoxemia or septic shock. Several reports have shown that rodents submitted to a(More)
In this review, we emphasize three aspects of the regrowth of ion-implanted amorphous Si layers: (l) orientation dependence of the regrowth kinetics, (2) impurity effects on the regrowth kinetics, and (3) impurity distribution due to regrowth. To account for the orientation dependence there are at least three proposed models: (1) geometric model, (2) stress(More)
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