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Talon cusp and fusion of teeth are two separate developmental dental anomalies affecting both primary and permanent dentitions. While the former is more common in permanent maxillary incisors, the latter occurs more commonly in deciduous maxillary anterior teeth. This paper describes a rare case of talon cusp in fused teeth affecting the permanent(More)
The ultrasonic is an inspection technique (UT), which employs high frequency acoustic waves to probe the sample being inspected. As the acoustic wave penetrates the sample, the wave is attenuated and/or reflected as a result of variation in the density (sound velocity) of the material. By observing and post processing the returned signal, be it the(More)
Now a days remote sensing plays very important role in satellite based communication. Satellite gives images in digital format. Digital images are often corrupted during acquisition, transmission or due to faulty memory locations in hardware. The noise density varies depending on various factors namely reflective surfaces, atmospheric variations, noisy(More)
—Bowtie antennas are mostly used in the wideband systems, phased arrays, radar applications, RFID and in GPR. Bowtie antennas are having low directivity and moderate bandwidth and linear polarization. A microstrip-fed printed bow-tie antenna is presented in order to achieve high gain and size reduction. This paper presents the comparative study of different(More)