S S Kemp

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This longitudinal study describes the growth of syntactic abilities and vocabulary size in nine children with unilateral antepartum or perinatal brain injury. Five children with left hemisphere damage (LHD) and four with right hemisphere damage (RHD), ages 15 to 48 months, were evaluated on three or more occasions. Language samples generated from(More)
The ability to detect acute hemorrhage by magnetic resonance (MR) is related to the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin. This experiment measured the relaxation times of solutions of cerebrospinal fluid containing a 5 per cent hematocrit at various pO2's on a 1.4 tesla (T) MR imaging system. The results demonstrate that the state of oxygen saturation of(More)
Fifteen children, 8 months of age or older, from a neonatal follow-up program underwent magnetic resonance imaging and neurologic, cognitive, and language evaluations. Magnetic resonance imaging findings in all children included increased white matter signal on T2-weighted images and ventricular enlargement adjacent to regions of abnormal white matter. The(More)
The preoperative MR studies of 25 patients with surgically proved medulloblastomas were retrospectively reviewed in order to characterize these neoplasms with regard to their MR signal intensity, size, location, and appearance after contrast enhancement. Gadopentetate dimeglumine--enhanced MR images were available in 11 patients. On short TR/short TE(More)
1. There is a constant sequence of signal intensity patterns that characterize 1.5 T, spin echo MR images of hemorrhagic lesions. 2. The MRI appearance of intraparenchymal hemorrhage is determined by the sequential chemical degradation of Hb, by the paramagnetic properties of the degradation products and by certain biologic factors including pO2, edema(More)
Congenital anomalies of the pediatric skull are caused by a diverse group of disorders. For the purposes of this discussion, these entities can be classified according to the radiographic appearance of the skull, which may be similar in a variety of different diseases. Enlarged parietal foramina, sinus pericranii, aplasia cutis congenita, anterior(More)
Cf the 87 survivors of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation over a 10-year period, 67 participated in a follow-up study which included neurologic examination (n = 67), cognitive testing (n = 67), and audiologic assessment (n = 33). Matched control subjects for those older than 5 years were also evaluated. Outcome was defined as normal for cognitive scores(More)
MR imaging was performed on three formaldehyde-fixed brainstem specimens that were sectioned in the axial plane and myelin stained. The histologic sections were used to identify and label the structures demonstrated on short TR/TE axial MR images. Fiber tracts and nuclei that cannot be resolved on in vivo scans were well delineated by in vitro MR. Improved(More)