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In image processing, considering fields like remote sensing and medical applications, Speckle (Multiplicative) noise dominates which affects the valuable features and important information of the image. To denoise an image, various transforms are used. But they are not efficient in case of preserving the edges which is the important factor in image(More)
The future mobile communication system will be distinguished by high integration of services, flexibility and higher throughput. Thus, the rapid growth in traffic volume and increase in new services has begun to change the configuration and structure of wireless networks. In the past, WiMAX has gained lot of interest for providing broadband communication.(More)
Twenty-six patients under 20 years of age having cerebrovascular disease were studied from 1968 to 1972. Common risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia and heart disease were not present. Angiographical study showed a variety of abnormalities. No consistent defect was present. There was a high incidence of pyrexia and(More)
  • S Janaki
  • 1980
The results of a comparative clinical study with pentoxifylline -- a new vasoactive compound -- and xanthinol nicotinate in fifty-eight patients suffering from cerebral thrombosis with hemiplegia or monoplegia, are presented. Pentoxifylline appeared to be more effective in reducing motor deficit and was significantly better in improving the patients'(More)