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In image processing, considering fields like remote sensing and medical applications, Speckle (Multiplicative) noise dominates which affects the valuable features and important information of the image. To denoise an image, various transforms are used. But they are not efficient in case of preserving the edges which is the important factor in image(More)
The future mobile communication system will be distinguished by high integration of services, flexibility and higher throughput. Thus, the rapid growth in traffic volume and increase in new services has begun to change the configuration and structure of wireless networks. In the past, WiMAX has gained lot of interest for providing broadband communication.(More)
This Paper presents two different models for smartphone based 3D-handwritten character and gesture recognition. Smartphones available today are equipped with inbuilt sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope, and gravity sensor, which are able to provide data on motion of the device in 3D space. The sensor readings are easily accessible through native operating(More)
In this paper, we developed an algorithm to remove additive mixed noise in images with the preservation of fine details and edges. The noise characteristics may vary in the same application from one image to another. In these environments, nonlinear general filters will not perform well and adaptive non-linear filters are best suited. The algorithm based on(More)
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