S. S. Iyengar

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This paper presents an extension of the distribution proposed during hydrodynamic shearing of DNA. In the Fourier least square approximation of uniform random distribution or a square wave, Gibb's phenomena occur at the boundaries. The same behavior occurs at the boundaries of the DNA strands undergoing hydrodynamic shearing of DNA. This hypothesis is(More)
-The effects of Na-citrate-dithionite (NaCD), ammonium oxalate in the dark (NH4Ox-D), and photolytic reaction under ultraviolet radiation (NH4Ox-P) on the mineralogy of <2-/~m fractions of selected soils from Virginia were investigated. The NH4Ox-D treatment removed the smallest amounts of Al (<0.22%) and Fe (<0.50%) from all soils, indicating low levels of(More)
The distribution of breaks along The DNA strand in hydrodynamic shearing is unknown, and there is no real-world experiment which could directly determine this distribution. This paper presents an extension of the simulation model for hydrodynamic shearing of DNA reported in [1,2]. An empirical model is presented showing a good linear relationship between(More)
Image restoration is the process of restoring degraded images which cannot be taken again or the process of obtaining the image again is costlier. We can restore the images by prior knowledge of the noise or the disturbance that causes the degradation in the image. Image restoration is done in two domains: spatial domain and frequency domain .image can(More)
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