S S Gong

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While the cytoplasmic phase of the hepadnavirus replication cycle is well understood, very little is known about the nuclear phase. In contrast to retroviruses, proviral integration is not required for hepadnavirus replication; however, some of the viral DNAs in the nucleus are diverted into an integration pathway. Under certain conditions these(More)
In this study, we report that eukaryotic topoisomerase I (top1) can linearize the open circular DNA of duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV). Using synthetic oligonucleotides mimicking the three-strand flap DR1 region of the DHBV genome, we found that top1 cleaves the DNA plus strand in a suicidal manner, which mimics the linearization of the virion DNA. We also(More)
After facial nerve injury, some post-paralysis sequelae, such as synkinesis, hemispasm and 'crocodile tears' syndrome appear. The psychosocial impact of these sequelae is unavoidable. Despite recent advances and the growing popularity of this field, the pathophysiological mechanisms of facial nerve injury and regeneration are still not well understood. In(More)
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