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Further development of this technique will be the use of a fluorescence detection method developed bySidney Udenfriend [4]. This method is reported to make analysis of as little as 50 picomoles possible, that is increasing the sensitivity about 20 times. The technique reported appears to offer the most promising approach to analytical problems in diamine(More)
Nachweis, dass der epidermale Wachstumsfaktor EGF, in 6–9 Tage alte Mäuse s.c. injiziert, eine 3 fache Steigerung der Histidin-Dacarboxylase-Aktivität in der Haut, nicht aber in anderen Geweben hervorruft, während EGF die Ornithin-Decarboxylase gar nicht beeinflusst.
The diamine oxidase catalyzed metabolism of14C-putrescine was studied in the ovaries of immature rats with and without stimulation by gonadotrophin. This stimulation resulted in a statistically significant increase in the deamination rate of putrescine with a very predominant production of γ-aminobutyric acid. No formation of polyamines was observed which(More)
In female rats, mammary carcinoma were induced by DMBA (7,12-dimethylbenz(α)anthracene) administration. The activities of histidine and ornithine decarboxylases and the concentrations of histamine, putrescine and polyamines were determined in tumour extracts and urine. In the tumour tissue, formation of histamine and putrescine took place at much higher(More)
The dipeptide His-Phe, earlier shown to inhibit mammalian histidine decarboxylase, was analysed concerning its effectin vivo on pentagastrin-induced gastric acid secretion. Chronic gastric fistula rats were used and the effectors in saline were given as continuous i.v. infusions while acid was collected from the fistula. Addition of petagastrin to the(More)
The formation of all these compounds has been completely blocked by aminoguanidine sulphate (10 -4 M), a potent inhibitor of DAO, which is consistent with the general accepted scheme of oxidative deamination running with an appropriate aldehyde formation. Thus it is evident that every further enzymatic transformation of 7-aminobutyraldehyde must lead to a(More)
The formation of different metabolites from14C-putrescine via oxidative deamination has been studied in patients with medullary carcinoma of the thyroid (MCT) and in control subjects. The neoplastic tissue from MCT patients produced in addition toΔ 1, large quantities of GABA and some unidentified compound(s), whereas the formation of these metabolites in(More)
Eine neuer Befund von hormonaler Beeinflussung des Histaminmetabolismus wird beschrieben und ein bisher nicht erkannter Metabolit wird chromatographisch nachgewiessen. Under dem Einfluss von Testosteron wird der Metabolit in grosser Menge in Urin der Maus ausgeschieden, während zugleich freies Histamin fast verschwindet, was dafür spricht, dass es sich um(More)
The metabolism of14C-putrescine by diamine oxidase was tested on the 19th day of pregnancy in different organs of rats. The highest turnover was found in maternal placenta and uterus where 94% of the reaction product was identified asΔ 1-pyrroline. Considerable deamination rates were also observed in ovary, liver and fetal placenta where, however,(More)