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While esophageal foreign bodies are a common occurrence, late discovery is rare. The purpose of this report is to describe an unusual case in which a set of dentures lodged in the thoracic esophagus was discovered and surgically removed 15 years after accidental ingestion. Inadequacy of health care in remote regions of Madagascar accounts for this clinical(More)
Although genitourinary tuberculosis is common, reports of isolated ovarian tuberculosis are rare. However, its presentation can mimick that of an ovarian tumour, leading to diagnostic difficulties. A woman of 17 years presented with chronic pelvic pain, weight loss, a right ovarian mass on ultrasound, and a significantly elevated CA-125 level. A diagnosis(More)
Tuberculous arthritis in the upper limb is uncommon. The authors report a carpal location in a 16-year-old girl diagnosed and treated in Antananarivo (Madagascar) University Hospital. This unusual location for tuberculosis presented as a non-specific monoarthritis. Histological examination confirmed the diagnosis. Specific medical treatment is effective but(More)
Isolated prostate tuberculosis is uncommon. Authors report herein the case of 64-year-old man who presented obstructive syndrome of low urinary tract. After clinical and biological examination, and imagery, prostate cancer was highly suspected. Transrectal biopsy was performed and histological examination showed tuberculosis lesions. We suggest that(More)
Fingers are an uncommon location of osteoarticular tuberculosis. We report herein a case affecting the thumb in an 8-year-old boy. He presented painful swelling of the right thumb, which had a tumoral aspect and had been evolving for 3 months with general signs of tuberculosis impregnation. Bacteriology and biopsy findings confirmed the diagnosis. Medical(More)
The purpose of this report is to describe a case of solitary breast cysticercosis presenting as a banal breast lump in a 15-year-old girl. Surgical excision was performed and histological examination demonstrated the presence of two Cysticercus cellulosae larvae. Characteristic features of this uncommon location are discussed based on a review of the(More)
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