S. S. Desai

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Background—Assessment of gene expression in peripheral blood may provide a noninvasive screening test for allograft rejection. We hypothesized that changes in peripheral blood expression profiles would correlate with biopsy-proven rejection and would resolve after treatment of rejection episodes. Methods and Results—We performed a case-control study nested(More)
Assessing cognitive abilities in children is challenging for two primary reasons: lack of testing engagement can lead to low testing sensitivity and inherent performance variability. Here we sought to explore whether an engaging, adaptive digital cognitive platform built to look and feel like a video game would reliably measure attention-based abilities in(More)
Rats injected with a single, 50-mg dose of bromoethylamine (BEA) developed papillary necrosis accompanied by sever interstitial fibrosis. At 1 mo, the creatinine clearance decreased (control 0.66 versus BEA 0.33 ml/min per 100 g body wt, P = 0.02), and the urine albumin-to-creatinine ratio increased markedly (control 0.19 versus BEA 0.51, P = 0.02). In a(More)
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