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Feature selection, often used as a pre-processing step to machine learning, is designed to reduce dimensionality, eliminate irrelevant data and improve accuracy. Iris Basis is our first attempt to reduce the dimensionality of the problem while focusing only on parts of the scene that effectively identify the individual. Independent Component Analysis (ICA)(More)
—In this paper we describe Iris recognition using Modified Fuzzy Hypersphere Neural Network (MFHSNN) with its learning algorithm, which is an extension of Fuzzy Hypersphere Neural Network (FHSNN) proposed by Kulkarni et al. We have evaluated performance of MFHSNN classifier using different distance measures. It is observed that Bhattacharyya distance is(More)
Human anatomy obtained by different modalities such as Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Position Emission Tomography (PET), etc. Brain tumor diagnosis is easy by using these medical equipments. The physician needs the correct measurement of the tumor area for the further treatment, this need to extract the abnormal part from the(More)
Fingerprint recognition is one of the most promising and evergreen biometric recognition technique used presently. In this paper we have proposed Extended Fuzzy Hyperline Segment Clustering Neural Network (EFHLSCNN) with its learning algorithm, which utilizes fuzzy sets as pattern clusters. In this extended version of paper we have used Manhattan distance(More)
Digital signature has been providing security services to secure electronic transaction over internet. Rivest, Shamir and Adlemen (RSA) algorithm was most widely used to provide security technique. Here we have modified the RSA algorithm to enhance its level of security. This paper presents a fair comparison between RSA and Modified RSA algorithm along with(More)
Big Data refers to large amount of data sets whose size is growing at a vast speed making it difficult to handle such large amount of data using traditional software tools available. This paper reviews the big data its back ground. First introduce general definition of big data and review on five phases of the value chain of big data (Components) such as,(More)
— Nowadays personal identification or verification has become one of the most prominent issues in security management. In order to restrict access to secure systems multibiometric refers to authentication techniques that rely on measurable physiological and individual traits that can be automatically verified. In other words, all individuals ones have(More)
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