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Hypostomus sp 3-Córrego Salobrinha NUP 4247 and Hypostomus sp 2-Rio Perdido NUP 4249, collected in the Planalto da Bodoquena, Paraguay River basin, Brazil, were characterized cytogenetically. Hypostomus sp 3-Córrego Salobrinha showed two modal numbers. This polymorphism consists of the presence of two extrachromosomes. It was not possible to define the(More)
We made a cytogenetic study of the fish Rhamdia quelen collected from the Bodoquena Plateau, an isolated national park region in Mato Grosso do Sul State, Brazil. The diploid number was 2n = 58, with 36 metacentric + 16 submetacentric + 6 subtelocentric chromosomes. We found one to three B chromosomes, which were metacentric and submetacentric and of medium(More)
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