S. S. C. Young

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This study investigated the potential impacts of integrating the Internet into an English as a second language class in a vocational senior high school in Taiwan. Twenty-nine students and a young male English teacher were involved. It was found that the students overall had a positive perception toward using Internet tools. This study indicated that the(More)
School for All in the EduCities programme is an innovative project funded by both the Ministry of Education and the National Science Council of Taiwan. The project aims to challenge the rationale of conventional education: only teachers teach and students learn. This paper reports on a project which investigated if anyone who is prepared to engage in web(More)
Our research studied the recall and language characteristics of schizophrenia via story schema. For this research there were three groups of subjects: (1) In the schizophrenia group (n = 27), the subjects, who have been inpatients for more than 3 years, were diagnosed as schizophrenic by 2 psychiatrists. (2) In the affective psychoses group (n-25), the(More)
Three groups of people--schizophrenic (26 patients), affective disorder (23 patients), and normal (27 persons) were administered two attention tests--Tai Ta Attention Test and Kraepelin Test. The results indicate that the speed and duration of attention of schizophrenic patients are poorer than those of normal persons. And the attention deficit is not much(More)
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