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A comparative study of ordinations of the Milliken Hill vegetation was carried out using data of (a) presence and absence of all the species, (b) presence and absence of the woody species and (c) presence and absence of the herbaceous species. The three sets of analyses produced interpretable results. In each case axis one was correlated with the(More)
Fourty four species of native wild herbaceous legumes belonging to 12 genera and associated with mature fallow lands of the derived savanna were collected from seven random locations encompassing an estimated area of 10,800 km2 and containing the seven different geomorphological soil formations in Anambra State of Nigeria. The number of legume species found(More)
Voandzeia subterranea (L.)Thouars (Bambara groundnut) is a drought and poor soil cultivated legume. The seeds vary both in colour and in size. The seed colour ranges from white, cream, ivory to dark brown red or black. The seed weight varies fromabout 0.15 g to 1.20 g. The effect of seed size on the development and yield of the cream coloured cultivar ofV.(More)
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