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Context Two Biosystems analysers are used in our laboratory, a fully automated A25 and a semi-automated BTS-350. Internal quality control is done for both but external quality control only for A25. As BTS-350 is used for backup, it is important that the results of both analysers are not just comparable but also within predefined limits of systematic, random(More)
Floods are the most common natural disasters, and cause significant damage to life, agriculture and economy. Research has moved on from mathematical modeling or physical parameter based flood forecasting schemes, to methodologies focused around algorithmic approaches. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a field of applied electronics and computer science where(More)
Right now about 334 million people across the globe are suffering from asthma. People with asthma are sensitive to things which may not bother normal people at all. For example they may feel uncomfortable with increased levels of smoke, pollen or fog in air. The number of people suffering from asthma has been rising sharply over the years, pollution being(More)
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