S S Banerji

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We have isolated a gene encoding a 70,000-Da heat shock protein (HSP70) from a chicken genomic library. The recombinant clone C411 was isolated by hybridization to a radioactively labeled plasmid containing Drosophila HSP70 gene sequences. The identity was established by hybrid selected translation using a subcloned restriction fragment, pC1.8, and total(More)
Transient incubation of chicken lymphoblastoid (MSB) cells at elevated temperatures induces the synthesis of three heat shock proteins of 89,000 Da (HSP89), 70,000 Da (HSP70), and 23,000 Da (HSP23). We have examined the effects of heat shock on the transcription and post-transcriptional regulation of the chicken HSP70 and beta-actin genes. The rate of HSP70(More)
During heat shock of chicken reticulocytes the synthesis of a single heat shock protein, HSP70, increases greater than 10-fold, while the level of HSP70 mRNA increases less than 2-fold during the same period. Comparison of the in vivo levels of HSP70 and beta-globin synthesis with their mRNA abundance reveals that the translation of HSP70 mRNA is repressed(More)
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