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This study reexamines peripheral neuropathy in infantile, juvenile and adult metachromatic leucodystrophy. A computer-assisted method was used which gives more detailed information on abnormal fibre structure from scatter diagrams of the g ratio (axon diameter/fibre diameter). The data show marked and statistically significant reductions in sheath(More)
Proliferation of pituitary basophil cells and occasional chromophobe and eosinophil cells into the posterior lobe was found in 61.8 +/- 6.9% (alpha = 0.05) in routine necropsy series. The incidence and intensity of proliferation increased in accordance with increasing age. There were no sex differences. The cells were for the most part ACTH-productive; only(More)
Biophysical studies have shown that the narrow slit between the turns of the myelin leaflet includes a water space lined by strongly negative, fixed charges on the faces of the myelin leaflet. The accessibility of this slit to a marker should depend largely on the interaction between the marker charges and the surface charges on the myelin leaflet. This(More)
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