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Monokine induced by interferon gamma (MIG/CXCL9) is used as an immune biomarker for early monitoring of transplant or allograft rejection. This paper demonstrates a direct electrical, label-free detection method of recombinant human MIG with anti-MIG IgG molecules in physiologically relevant buffer environment. The sensor platform used is a biologically(More)
Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is used for determining the link layer or Medium Access Control (MAC) address of a network host, given its Internet Layer (IP) or Network Layer address. ARP is a stateless protocol and any IP-MAC pairing sent by a host is accepted without verification. This weakness in the ARP may be exploited by malicious hosts in a Local(More)
Local Area Network (LAN) based attacks are due to compromised hosts in the network and mainly involve spoofing with falsified IP-MAC pairs. Since Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) is a stateless protocol such attacks are possible. Several schemes have been proposed in the literature to circumvent these attacks, however, these techniques either make IP-MAC(More)
The prodigious usage of features and variables are very high in most of the domains which are often unwanted and noisy .Feature selection is a method which is used to handle high dimensional data into dataset with less dimensions by eliminating most unwanted or repetitive features or attributes . Unsupervised feature selection means that the best features(More)
The Association Rule Mining is the traditional mining technique which identifies the frequent itemsets from the databases and this technique generates the rules by considering the each items. The traditional association rule mining fails to obtain the infrequent itemsets with higher profit. Since association rule mining technique treats all the items in the(More)
In recent years, the number of attacks in computer networks are constantly increasing due to the lack of proper authentication of communicating entities in the network. TCP/IP layering architecture is prone to various threats due to the vulnerabilities in each of its layers. This mandates the requirement for a suitable detection system in the network to(More)
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