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This paper describes the application of hybrid intelligent system (HIS) to extract rules from two machine learning approaches: neural networks (NN) and support vector machine (SVM). The experimentation is based on the TREPAN algorithm. TREPAN, a well-known technique developed originally to extract linguistic rules from a trained artificial neural network,(More)
This paper describes the application of a hybrid intelligent system (HIS) to extract decision trees from a trained support vector machine (SVM) model based on the TREPAN algorithm. TREPAN, a well-known technique developed originally to extract linguistic rules from a trained artificial neural network, is modified to cope with SVM models. The proposed(More)
Heterozygous female transgenic rats for the murine Ren-2 gene (TGR) display a high blood pressure, together with a low kidney and high adrenal renin content. The effects of prolonged sodium restriction on the morphology and secretory activity of adrenal zona glomerulosa (ZG) of TGR and their age- and sex-matched Sprague-Dawley control rats (SDR) were(More)
Within two weeks, hypophysectomy induced in rats a striking decrease in the level of circulating ACTH (the concentration of which was at the limit of sensitivity of our assay system), coupled with a net reduction in the plasma corticosterone concentration and an evident adrenal atrophy. Zona fasciculata, the main producer of glucocorticoids, was decreased(More)
The diagnosis of primary aldosteronism (PA) is based on the finding of the combination of elevated urinary and/or plasma aldosterone and suppressed renin activity in patients with hypertension and hypokalemia. However, PA consists of a number of subsets, and diagnostic criteria for a correct identification of surgically remediable forms are of great(More)
External electrical cardioversion or defibrillation may be necessary in patients with implanted cardiac pacemaker (PM) or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD). Sudden discharge of high electrical energy employed in direct current (DC) transthoracic countershock may damage the PM/ICD system resulting in a series of possible device malfunctions. For(More)
The reliability of communication networks is assessed by employing two machine learning algorithms, Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Hamming Clustering (HC), acting on a subset of possible system configurations , generated by a Monte Carlo simulation and an appropriate Evaluation Function. The experiments performed with two different reliability measures(More)
Recognition of the pathogenesis of secondary forms of hypertension is often considered the key to appropriate choice of treatment. We here present the results of a prolonged clinical follow-up (from 1 to 20 years) of a large number of patients with mineralocorticoid excess syndromes (MES), including over 100 patients with primary aldosteronism (PA), 3 cases(More)
The effect of SRIF and its antagonist cyclo(7-aminoheptanonyl-Phe-D-Trp-Lys-Thr magnitude of Bzl)(SRIF-A) were studied in sham-operated and bilaterally adrenalectomized rats bearing ACTH- and angiotensin II (ANG-II)-responsive adrenocortical autotransplants. SRIF-A (10(-5) M) completely annulled SRIF (10(-6) M)-induced inhibition of ANG-II (10(-8) M)-evoked(More)
Acute and chronic systemic administrations of neurotensin (NT) and arginine-vasopressin (AVP) significantly increases plasma aldosterone concentration (PAC) in rats. Deamino-Pen1, Val4, D-Arg8-vasopressin (AVP-A), a potent AVP antagonist, completely reversed both acute and chronic aldosterone secretagogue actions of NT and AVP. AVP-A acute administration(More)